San Bernardino County, California

Mojave Project

  • 45,000+ acre project, covers majority of the playa; overlies basin estimated to be >1,000 m deep.
  • Two active, permitted, brine processing companies that have operated for decades producing industrial minerals from brines at Bristol Dry Lake.
  • Agreements signed with both permitted operators provide immediate access to raw brine, evaporation ponds, decades of operational expertise & existing mining permits.
  • Existing infrastructure, paved road and rail at site, abundant electricity & water, skilled workforce, close to Port of Long Beach (deep-water seaport).
  • Access to private land; substantially reducing permitting risk for process plant siting and operation.
Bristol Lake Bristol Lake


The 45,000-acre Bristol and Cadiz Dry Lake lithium brine project is located in the Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, California. One of the most arid places in the world. Two permitted brine processing companies have operated in the region for decades, producing industrial minerals from the near surface brines. Standard Lithium has option agreements with both operators (NYSE listed Tetra Technologies, and privately held National Chloride) for the exploration of and commercial development rights for lithium.

The Mojave project is strategically located at the epicenter of the clean energy revolution. Because of the existing production, the project significant infrastructure; paved highway access and a rail siding at the site, water, power, skilled labor and 200 miles from the port of Long Beach.

The agreements with the two operating brine processors provide Standard Lithium with large volumes of bulk, raw brine for process testing work. Exploration drilling at the Bristol Dry Lake site confirmed historic lithium values in excess of 110 mg/L. Exploration at the Cadiz Dry Lake project so far has been limited to grab samples from three shallow production wells that returned values of lithium concentrations between 112 and 139 mg/L.

Initial testing of the production process Standard Lithium will employ demonstrated that it can leverage the high evaporation levels in the Mojave Desert to increase concentrations from 146 mg/L to 686 mg/L in as little as seven weeks.

National Chloride operations – Bristol Lake, California National Chloride operations – Bristol Lake, California